Where to Sell Concert Tickets

Where to Sell Concert Tickets

Where to Sell Concert Tickets

where to sell concert tickets

Websites can be an option you have ever wanted to perform with a certain group live but you are unable to afford tickets. While these sites facilitate the sale of tickets, they do require basic information from potential buyers. After the purchaser has registered, they’ll need to provide their contact information as well as the information required to purchase the tickets. These services are particularly well-liked by concert goers because they make the entire process easy and quick.


If you’ve been thinking about selling concert tickets but not been sure where to start and where to begin, you should think about StubHub. This marketplace has an enormous user base and fantastic security features that will protect your investment. The interface allows you to effortlessly communicate with potential buyers and modify the listed prices. Additionally, there are no difficulties dealing with the buyer!

If you’re trying to make an income by selling concert tickets, StubHub makes the process simple for you. It allows you to post a page that lists the seats, number of tickets, and the details for delivery. If your listing is successful you will receive payment for https://sites.google.com/site/legitticketsites/ticketnetwork-reviews the tickets that you advertised. If the tickets don’t go on sale, you can edit your listing to earn more revenue. Once you have uploaded your ticket list.

However, there are some negatives of StubHub. StubHub is a firm with huge customer base. However it doesn’t have dedicated customer service. As a result, after-sales support is not as good. StubHub’s customer care is inadequate as stated by many customers reviews of seat geek. But this isn’t fair. Certain customers have had negative experiences selling tickets on StubHub however there are many positive reviews too.

Once you’ve setup your StubHub account, the next step is to sign up to the site. The website will open with a search bar for the event for which you’re selling tickets. To begin the process begin by typing the event’s name in the search box. Then click “Sell Tickets”. After that, you’ll be required to choose the type of ticket you’re selling. Choose the payment method that you would like to use for your tickets.


Vivid Seats lets you purchase tickets to concerts in a straightforward manner. It’s easy to use and only four steps are required for listing your tickets, and get paid. Additionally, you can join rewards program that allow you to receive an additional ticket for free if you purchase seven tickets. Repeat shows qualify to receive a discount of 5. You can also earn Super Cash back from Extrabux by purchasing Vivid Seats.

The site has been in business since 2001, and has mature customer service. The majority of customers are happy with the purchase. Their top reasons are customer support, cost, and the range of tickets available. Consumers rate VividSeats as fourth among ticket websites. You can also sell unwanted tickets on the website, so you won’t miss any performance. It also gives you a money-back guarantee in the event that your tickets are counterfeit or otherwise re-sold.

VividSeats is a great way for ticket sellers to sell tickets online. You can post your tickets to sell on the site and then receive payments via PayPal. It is not necessary to worry about shipping charges or other fees since VividSeats will handle all of this for you. VividSeats will earn 10% of your commission in the event that you have any trouble selling tickets online. This will help ensure that you receive the most favorable price.

The website also sells tickets to theatre and sports shows. Tickets for ballet and dance recitals can be purchased through the website. VividSeats has hundreds of events to choose from such as theater, concerts and comedy. VividSeats is an excellent place to find concert tickets. This will let you save moneyand avoid the hassle of purchasing tickets to events you won’t be able to attend.


TickPick where you can sell tickets to concerts, has grown into an industry leader in online ticketing. It was founded by Chris O’Brien, a former computer engineer who graduated from Lehigh University and worked at Nuance Communications, a speech recognition company, prior to launching TickPick in 2011. The startup lets concertgoers buy and sell tickets from their homes. Its aim is to elevate the experience for all concertgoers.

The company’s patent-pending bidding system is similar to the market for financial services. It allows consumers to bargain with multiple ticket sellers simultaneously. It makes automatic negotiations with hundreds of ticket dealers, and informs consumers of the time their bids were accepted. They are able to bid again in the event of a need. Through this unique service, concert goers can get the best deal for their concert tickets. TickPick is known for their cutting-edge technology, top-of-the-line customer service, and their its reputation as the most sought-after destination for live events.

The secondary market for tickets is a multi-billion-dollar industry which is responsible for 100 million transactions every year. Professional sellers have a distinct advantage, with roughly 50 percent of the tickets that are sold in the secondary marketplace being purchased by professional. TickPick created a unique algorithm dubbed the “Best Deal Ranking System” that rates tickets based on the price. Users are able to browse through the seats available to make a decision based upon the best price.

TickPick is also focused on making its mobile apps more user-friendly. The company has introduced an app that is available for iOS and Android using the React Native technology. This is an JavaScript code collection made by Facebook. This app makes it easier for selling and buying process and gives TickPick an all-in-one code base. Download the new app now to enjoy a smoother Apple Pay experience that accounts for approximately 20% of sales for TickPick.

Live Nation

Live Nation’s tickets are selling faster than they have ever. Revenues are up 90% on a year-over-year basis and revenue rose $1.8 billion in the first quarter compared to $290 million during the same quarter in the year prior. Live Nation plans a limited program of concerts for the beginning of 2019 however, it anticipates that the demand will increase later in 2019. It is also doubling down on live entertainment, and has plans for more than 60 tour dates in 2023.

The year to come will be filled with ticket sales featuring a vast selection of artists from across the world. The lineup includes artists like Machine Gun Kelly (The Backstreet Boys), Halsey (Wiz Khalsey) and Machine Gun Kelly (The Machine Gun Kelly). Other acts that will be performing in Syracuse this summer include Jason Aldean, Styx, and Joan Jett. The company has announced a line-up that includes a variety of other artists. They are also planning an event to commemorate the year of Mariah Carey’s birth. American musician and singer Mariah Carey.

In addition to selling tickets for big-name performers, Live Nation also has affordable concert tickets. Tickets start at $25 and include taxes and fees. The promotion lets you choose from more than 3700 performances across North America. You can also get tickets to local shows for $25 in case you don’t have a large amount of money. Live Nation may receive affiliate commissions when you buy tickets from their website. However, live shows are usually sold out.


Shift4Shop An eCommerce platform specifically designed for businesses selling tickets is a powerful platform that offers a variety of features. It offers a variety of marketing tools, including social media integration. It also facilitates online payment processing with more than 160 payment options. You will find useful reports and tools in the system for managing customers. It’s easy to begin using Shift4Shop. Explore the following steps to discover how to get the most value from the platform. Here are a few of the many advantages of using the online solution for ticket selling.

The REST API of the Shift4Shop platform lets developers connect the platform with other applications. The Shift4Shop application, for instance permits integration with LiveAgent. Shift4Shop has pre-integrated apps that can improve the capabilities of your online store. It’s simple to use and lets developers build custom connections to incorporate additional features.

Expert assistance is also available, including guidance on marketing and development. The Shift4Shop community forums provide regular help from the company’s customer support staff. Tutorial videos, for instance help you improve your search rankings and develop additional income streams. You can also access the Shift4Shop template guide to get instructions on building your own custom store. The Shift4Shop platform also includes developers a portal for developers that contains complete REST API documentation, a social media presence, and useful information.

Shift4Shop can be used by small and large businesses. But, there are certain limitations. Its features and SEO emphasis make it ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses. However, its limitations make it not suitable for large-scale enterprises. However, it is the ideal choice for those who are just starting out and those who want to enter the market quickly. So what do you have to consider when choosing an eCommerce website?

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